Act Priorities

Rockford Regional Health Council works as a catalyst for collaboration to help assure a healthy community. The Council’s ACTION priorities are:

  • Foster partnerships to improve access to health care services for all residents of our community
  • Improve the health of our residents
  • Make significant changes to positively impact our community

Act How

  • Focusing on high blood pressure, Changing Hearts is a grassroots project designed to eliminate health disparities among the minority population of the greater Rockford community. Those enrolling with high blood pressure have seen their blood pressure decrease by an average of 10 points.
  • The Active Community Engagement program – a collaboration of Rockford Health Council, the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Rockford Housing Authority, and other community partners – brings healthy lifestyle education and counseling to residents of Fairgrounds Housing Complex.
  • The Rockford Regional Health Council Pediatric Oral Health program works to provide needed restorative oral health care to school students. Over 1,000 students were served in 2015.
  • The Senior Oral Health Coalition, a result of the Rockford Health Council 2010 Healthy Community Study, has implemented a system to assist underserved senior citizens in receiving needed oral health care. Thus far, nearly a hundred seniors have received oral health care services.