Enjoy the benefits of membership in Rockford Regional Health Council and make a difference in your community’s health and well-being.
Join a community forum where members collaborate to address health issues.
Rockford Regional Health Council gives you a voice! We bring together a multi-sector collaborative group where all parties have a common agenda – focusing on health and health care issues that impact the quality of life in the region. Join the group and be heard.
Support priorities with defined goals and measurable results.
You can do something to effect change! Your involvement in our keystone initiatives,
“Changing Hearts” and “Healthy Smiles, Healthy Kids,” is helping to address health disparities. Through these projects, we have provided access to services for more than 500 people and in the process, we are:
• Developing trust among those served
• Teaching the value of medical care and access to health care services
• Reaching otherwise overlooked populations
The success of these projects rests on our members establishing relationships at all levels in the community. Changing Hearts changes lives—you can, too.
Access information from the Healthy Community Study for strategic planning, funding decisions and more.
Improve your organization’s operating efficiency! Access to the Healthy Community Study will provide you with valuable information on trends that will support your strategic planning decisions, funding allocations, grant applications and help to determine priorities. Get the biggest bang for your resource bucks by using the latest data.
Make a commitment to your community’s health and well being.
Call 815.395.5701 or email to become a member today.
Rebecca Cook Kendall, Executive Director