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The 2017 Healthy Community Study has been released!
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We hope you find our site useful as we continue to improve community health through data gathering and analysis, education, action and advocacy. - Becky Cook Kendall
Learn more about Rockford Health Council!

MISSION: Rockford Regional Health Council improves community health, through data gathering and analysis, education, action and advocacy.

Learn how the Council partners to provide education on key community health topics.

See how the Council is a catalyst for collaboration, spearheading solutions to assure the health of the community.

Find out how the Council advocates for policy change with regard to today’s most important health issues.

Become Involved.  Make a Difference!

Community health is a lot more than just health care. It’s people and neighbors communicating and sharing ideas. It’s safe, stable housing. It’s economic opportunity for all. It’s available transportation. It’s government and citizens working together. Rockford Regional Health Council works as a catalyst for collaboration to help assure a healthy community.  Join us! Become involved. Make a difference!

We have lots of ways for you to become involved in the work of the Council.  Please e-mail us at info@rockfordhealth.org to learn more.  We look forward to partnering with you!